The Artists Among Us

Helen Yang in her studio with her painting, STEaM, a sentimental homeland narrative featured in The de Young Open

Story by Luanne Sanders Andreotti. Photo by Pete Andreotti

Featured in Our Fall Issue


Ceramicist and entrepreneur Paul Burns talks about public art and his collaborations with artists who used handmade tile from his company Fireclay Tile as their medium.

Story by Steve Luppino. Photo by Pete Andreotti


The de Young Open jury chair, Curator Timothy Anglin Burgard finds just the right place for 877 works of art so each one stands out.  Read his interview with Joan Foster about choosing from over 11,000 artworks.

Story by Joan Foster


Mike Madrid chronicles his life long love affair with comic book superheroines.

Story by Steve Luppino. Photo courtesy of Mike Madrid- Art Ruth Modric